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Male Hair Removal in Delhi

Male Hair Removal is becoming an increasing trend in male grooming. No longer are cyclists, body builders as well as male strippers the only guys to desire to manage their body hair. There are essentially two kinds of male hair removal, temporary as well as permanent. Let's check out the two options in more detail.

  • Temporary Options :
  • Shaving : Every man knows how to shave so it actually desires no explanation. You when all's said and done, all you require doing is buy a good quality shaving cream or gel as well as get a high-quality razor and cut off the hair by dragging the razor down as well as across the skin. Sensitive skin needs more care so use a sensitive shaving cream or gel and take your time. At every times shave in the direction along your hair growth, when you have finished the newly shaved area, rinse the area well with lukewarm water and apply a moisturizer. Pain Factor: 1/10
  • Creams as well as Gels : Male Hair Removal creams as well as gels are one more cheap option for provisional Hair Removal in Delhi. They can be obtained from any drug store or pharmacy and some supermarkets also carry a variety of those products. So all you need to do is read the directions and use the hair removal cream or gel accordingly, wait the required time and take it off. These products do contain chemical compounds that soften as well as melt the hair at the skin surface and some persons are sensitive to these chemical substances, so it's most excellent to do a skin patch test 24 hours prior to use. Pain Factor: 1/10
  • Waxing : Do you think you're feeling bold? Waxing sort's out the men from the boys. Waxing is a superior option if you want to be hair free for some weeks since it removes the hair from the root.
  • Permanent Options : 
  • Electrolysis : Electrolysis is truly the only FDA approved permanent hair removal system. It is mainly described as inserting a fine needle into the hair follicle as well as activating a small electrical charge. You can't do it yourself and will require to book in with a professional electrologist. It does hurt a bit - to a great deal subject to your skin feeling. You can be required to have some appointments for the same area to completely control all hair growth. It may be an costly choice, particularly if you have stubborn hair growth that requires many treatments. Pain Factor: 7/10
  • Radio Frequency : Radio Frequency Hair Removal is precisely as it sounds. You use a tweezers device to hold every hair or use small sticky patches applied directly to the skin. A radio frequency is distributed along as well as down the hair shaft which damages the hair follicle and is intended to stop it from creating hair. Male Hair Removal in Delhi. It is generally painless, apart from the tingling sensation. You could buy a home use radio frequency device but it may be very time-consuming since you treat each hair or only small locations once and you can need to retreat those same areas again and again. Pain Factor: 1/10